Worth Seeing

Apart from enjoying the pristene beach and sea of Vleesbaai, there are also many interesting sites that are worth seeing. The following are some of them:

Sites within Vleesbaai

Tidal pool – along the coast line towards Karmosyn with its beautiful lawn and ideal spot for day picnics


Wooden bridge at the Hoekie – an iconic landmark in Vleesbaai


Driehoek ravine – the beautiful garden with its own “waterfall” and various walkways



Canola fields during the winter


Fountain at Kloofsig where the first visitors to Vleesbaai used to camp more than a century ago


Wooden bridge at Kloofsig for access to the beach

Sites nearby Vleesbaai


The “peninsula” of Fransmans-hoek with “Malbaai” to the right and “Stilbaaitjie” to the left


Fransmanshoek during rough seas with huge waves crashing on rocks


Voëlvlei (near Johnson’s Post) – it only fills up after heavy rains in the area


 Beautiful birds at Voëlvlei