Vleesbaai’s pristine beach and superb natural environment with sunshine weather all year round is the perfect setting for great adventures and memories to be made. Visiting Vleesbaai certainly has its perks in the many adventurous activities that can be experienced.

Activities at Vleesbaai


The pristine beach and sea is a major attraction in Vleesbaai. Swimming is obviously very popular. Life guards are on duty at Middle beach and Tarka beach during the December holiday season. Canoeing can be done from the Hoekie towards Fransmanshoek. Vleesbaai is touted by surfers as one of the best kept secrets on the coast.In certain weather conditions, Vleesbaai offers spectacular waves that entice surfers from far and wide to ride them.


Vleesbaai and its environment offer unlimited hiking opportunities for enthusiastic hikers. Early mornings and late evenings see dozens of strollers along the beach between Vleesbaai and Boggomsbaai and even further. For the more adventurous there is the three day Oyster Catcher Trail ( from the Punt at Mossel Bay to Gouritsmond.


With the roads around Vleesbaai there are plenty of opportunities for cyclists to enjoy the wide open rural country.


A famous and beautiful 4×4 dune route is right next to Vleesbaai. It is surely not to be missed by adventurous 4×4 enthusiasts. The route is very popular during the holiday season and booking is essential (044  699 1107 / 082 784 8238). Sandboarding at the magnificent dunes of the route is also available (


Vleesbaai and its environment is known for its excellent fishing spots. At the Fransmanshoek area you have Vegkop, Fonteintjies, Malbaai, Die Saal, Verleëklip and Snuifklip. Die Saal is especially famous for outstanding catches of big shark, cob and garrick, although it can be dangerous to retrieve them. At Kanon Rocks, Kanon Beach and the beaches of Vleesbaai and Boggomsbaai shad, blacktail and galjoen can be caught.


Vleesbaai is part of the Fransmanshoek Conservancy and this ensures that our wildlife is treasured. In the village and its environment you will find plenty of small animals such as Cape grysbok, bushbuck, mongoose, tortoise and hare. Our birdlife is exceptional with species such as oystercatcher (the official logo of Vleesbaai), seagull, sandpiper, guinea fowl, pheasant, partridge, bokmakierie, owl and sunbirds. Add to this the magnificent variety of waterbirds that can be seen at Voëlvlei when it is full. The variety of birds will satisfy even the most ardent birdwatcher.

Marine life:

The intertidal zone is the area between the low and high watermarks and with its rich variety of marine species it is a wonderland waiting for youngsters to be discovered. It includes anemones, barnacles, brittle stars, chitons, crabs, green algae, isopods, limpets, mussels, sea stars, snails, whelks and small fish species in pools. The rangers of the Fransmanhoek Conservancy conduct an intertidal day every year during the holiday season and attending it is very informative way to learn about the animals found on the rocky shores of Vleesbaai. Walking the beaches of Vleesbaai towards Springerbaai in search of Nautilus and Pansy shells is a favourite pastime of many.


And if this is not enough, there is also the nearby town of Mossel Bay and the whole of the Garden Route with its multitude of attractions and wide-ranging holiday activities. Contact Mossel Bay Tourism ( to find out more.